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China – a Bubble?

Here’s an interesting article from

We’ve all seen Chinese stocks explode in the last year; we’ve all seen margin lending soar to fund this exuberance; we’ve all read the dominant buyer in this trading frenzy is high-school-educated housewives; and we’ve all seen the analogs to the 2000 dotcom bubble. But, we guarentee you have never – ever – seen anything like this…

The number of new A-Share accounts opened just last week was a mind-boggling 3.25 million!!! That is double the number opened in the peak euphoria stage of the 2007 bubble…

This wil not end well…

Interesting Interview with Martin Armstrong

- Fall 2015 turning point – civil unrest and riots globally says forecaster Armstrong
- Fed have to raise rates – due to pressure from congress and media
- By 2020 the cost of servicing U.S. debt will outpace defence spending
- European banks will collapse and “blood in the streets”
- Higher rates will also devastate emerging markets who have issued dollar-based debt
- Gold to “max out at $5000 per ounce”
- Advocates diversification and holding bullion coins familiar to public such as $20 gold coins
- “Your portfolio has got to include everything … including bullion”

Silver Crash 2006 vs Silver Today, Does it look Familiar?

I found the following article on the net, which was written by me on Apr 23, 2011. My apologies for the low-quality pictures :-)

First of all, here is an update of a chart I posted 3 weeks ago…

Chart created with Prorealtime

Second of all, here is a chart of the gold-to-silver ratio:

Chart courtesy

Now let’s have a look at Silver in 2006, when it also made a parabolic move:

Chart courtesy

Here is the current situation:

Chart courtesy

Although silver is not as stretched above its 50 days Moving Average as in 2006, it is as stretched above its 200 DMA as in 2006.
Also, the RSI is very high, but not as high as in 2006, so we MIGHT see 1 or 2 more days to the upside, but then we might get a Deja Vu of 2006.
For those of you who want to know what happened on April 20th 2006, here is a chart:

Chart courtesy