Choosing a Custom Home Builder

Creating a new home from scratch is an easily understated accomplishment that requires an incredible amount of energy and time. You’ll be making creative decisions almost every day for about a year, but with the right attitude and fluid communication, it can also be fun to watch wooden bones grow into your dream home. A custom home builder helps you make those decisions, while staying within your budget and maintaining a timely schedule.

The best custom home builders offer the most transparency, including a clear timeline for construction and a set price that is guaranteed not to exceed a certain amount. They’re able to achieve this because they are not confined by cost or time constraints that production builders face, and they are tuned into the latest building ideas and best products. They’ll communicate frequently with you, keep you updated on the progress of your build and involve you in any decision that must be made.

When choosing a custom home builder, be sure to research their customer satisfaction and business practices. You can often find this information on the web, as many customers will write reviews and testimonials. Look for a company with a solid reputation that has received awards or certifications. A good custom home builder will be transparent with you and share their customer satisfaction ratings and awards.

In terms of the home itself, you can choose a full custom build, where you start from scratch and have complete reign over every decision or a semi-custom, in which you select a plan from a builder’s portfolio and customize certain aspects like paint and carpet colors. For a full custom option, you might work with a separate architect and builder or choose a design-build firm that manages both the architectural design and the construction process.

A design-build firm like Rockwell Developers specializes in high-end residential projects that incorporate unique features that express the client’s personality and lifestyle. Their team works with clients to turn their dreams into a reality that is more than they imagined. They use a one-stop approach to the architectural design and home building process, which makes the entire experience seamless for their clients.

The most important consideration when choosing a custom home builder is finding a partner who can translate your vision into a reality that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle. They can do that by providing a comprehensive, transparent process and using their expertise to craft a bespoke residence that is more than you ever imagined. To help ensure you’re working with the best custom home builder, ask them about their design and construction processes, their level of transparency, how they handle hiccups and any awards or recognition they have received. This way, you can be confident that they’ll be able to deliver a home you’ll love for years to come.