Essential Laptop Sleeves

When you carry a laptop to work, school or wherever else, it’s bound to go through an awful lot of abuse during the day. It’s tossed into and out of bags, stuffed in the back of cars, crushed under the weight of a heavy backpack and more. That’s why you need a hardy laptop case that can take whatever’s thrown at it. A great laptop sleeve provides just that, while also being comfortable and stylish. Choosing the right one for your device can be tricky, however, as not all sleeves are created equal.

In addition to making sure the sleeve you’re shopping for is properly sized (which we’ll show you how to do below), you also want it to be made from materials that are easy to clean and care for. This helps keep the sleeve in good condition over time, while also keeping it free of dust and debris.

We’re big fans of the Woolnut Leather , which is both luxe and durable. A minimalist sleeve, it’s designed to snugly fit every recent MacBook, from the 12-inch original to Air and Pro models. And while the leather exterior may feel a little tight at first, it’ll naturally stretch and adapt to the shape of your laptop over time, creating a near-perfect glove fit and optimal protection for your device.

This is a great option for people who don’t need a ton of added features, but still want high-grade protection and an attractive look. It’s water-resistant and slim enough that you can work directly out of it, and it has almost 30,000 five-star reviews from reviewers who love its sturdy construction and easy functionality. A top handle makes it easy to carry, and a large front zipper pocket lets you store accessories.

The Harber London Magnetic Envelope essential laptop sleeves For MacBook is another stylish but durable option. Its sleek envelope design gives it a businesslike appearance that suits some workplaces, while the magnets that hold the flap offer a nice balance of accessibility and security. It’s also relatively spacious, so you shouldn’t have a problem running a cable to your laptop through it (though we recommend using a MagSafe cable for safety).

As with all laptop cases, the most important thing is finding one that fits your device well. To do that, you need to know the dimensions of your laptop’s screen, including the bevel—the frame around the edge. Most sleeves are marketed by their size, in inches, but to be sure you’re getting the best fit, close your laptop and measure its thickness at the bevel using a tape measure. It’s worth the extra effort, since a sleeve that’s too small could cause damage. You can also use the specifications listed in each product’s description to help you narrow down your choices.